Facing into the new year, it’s natural to glance back at the last one. Looking back on the big plans I had for 2017 and working through what went right, and what needs to be brushed up for 2018.

January 1st 2017 was the first official day of Ironman training, and that set the tone for the year to come. The following 6 months were filled with training, work, family, and rest. I knew the Ironman would be an all consuming training cycle, it was the training not the race its self that was daunting to me going in. Even so, when  I put together my training plan, the path ahead seemed completely manageable. Very quickly though the balance I am always striving was thrown by the wayside.

Training took over all my time and energy, and when I wasn’t training or working I was tired and hungry and trying to spend some quality time with my short people. The thought of doing anything else was exhausting, and in the wake so many things fell to the back burner. There was a moment about a week after the race where I sat down and answered emails that were at least 6 weeks over due. It took me all of 20 minutes, but that time felt completely unavailable pre July 23rd.

I am really at peace when I think about all that training, and all the time, and everything that went unfinished during that span, I don’t really see it playing out any other way. What I wrestle with was how long it took to get out of that hole. There was a deep funk after the race, and projects that I put off just until … sat on the shelf for months and months, even when I had the time. This blog not the least of them. When things sat for so long, getting back to them seemed a momentous chore.

Fitness goals are so easy for me, I thrive on a training regimen, I love the deadline of a race, the comradery of training and racing with my closest friends. So when this huge goal, this goal that I had saved and planned and trained for for almost 2 years was done, I was left with whats next. Its a question I got from almost everyone who heard about the race, a question I constantly asked myself. Without the Ironman ahead of me, what do I pour all that energy into.

Its something I am still working on but the picture is becoming a little clearer. I started the year with huge plans, for my fitness, for my career, for my family and for my personal growth. Instead of looking back with a critical eye and judging all the unchecked boxes, I am looking forward to the next step with a little bit more clarity. I have a better understanding of how all consuming goals can be when they are big enough. I have firmer grasp on what is important to me and how I divide my time. I also gained the reminder that the tasks ahead are never as insurmountable as we make them in our heads.

Until next year.