Available in visceral red, black, or white. Copyright © 2021 Robin Scott. Though it’s not a light armor, I’m compelled to also list the Triss Dragon Hunter Retexture - Standalone armor, which is crafted under the “Dragonscale” category at the forge and is just an amazing feminine alternative to the ugly ass vanilla dragonscale armor. True Thief Armor - standalone, hi-resLocated at the Thieve’s Guild Headquarters in Riften (no, I don’t know exactly where. Mavari Armor - standalone, high-resLocated on the Lady Stone island in Lake Ilinalta. Unclaimed Delivery (UNP) - standalone, hi-resLocated in a crate at the Riverwood Trader and craftable at the forge under the “Leather” category when in possession of delivery note.This is an adorable brown light leather outfit made up of a white blouse, brown leather bodice, pants, bracers,boots, mantle, and custom daggers. Cute design and very popular. Deadly Trio - standalone, hi-resLocated in Fallowstone Cave in a chest against the wall near the firepit.The Sword Master Armor is the only female armor of the 3. Cannot be tempered. It’s an elaborately carved bronze-brown plate cuirass with an embroidered silk skirt and matching thigh-boots. Now, of course there will be dragons, and there will be civil war. Outfit is a mix match combo of clothing and accessories, with 4 color schemes - blue/brown, black, rust/brown, green/brown. Heavy Splinted Body Shield 26 H Dwarven(or Advanced)+* Adventurer Maiden Armory (UNP Mashup) - standalone, hi-resCrafted at the forge under “Steel” category.Adds 3 Light and 2 Heavy mix and match armor sets. I could do without the sideboob, but it’s otherwise a nice dress. Common Clothes - standalone, hi-resLocated in containers, leveled lists, and craftable.Adds a large assortment of dark clothing and armor in somber hues of black, brown, grey, tan, cream, and dark blue that include fine clothing, peasant clothing, travel robes, robed armor, and leather armor. The main file adds the clothing to a few NPCs here and there, especially NPCs added by mods. While these are generally just black recolors of existing outfits in the game, they're done very well, and having the matching black accessories are a nice addition. Mord Sith Cara Armor (UNP) - standalone, hi-resLocated at Sky Haven Temple near the giant chest in Karthspire.This is a full coverage leather bodysuit with gold buckles, with matching boots and gloves. Jun 23, 2016 - Explore Greg Johnston's board "Skyrim Armor Sets", followed by 165 people on Pinterest. You can make up a matching set for any of them with a Bandana or Fur Hood, or an Armored Fur Hood or Mantle for Heavy sets, or a Padded Fur Hood or Mantle for Light sets, or with the Mantle of the Silver Hand. Crafted, Clothing Station. Aesthetics are just so subjective. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Blades Hakama - standalone, high-resLocated in a sack outside of Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. It’s made for a warrior woman. Wahuku - standalone, hi-resLocated near the trio of Guardian Stones.A variety of colorful Akaviri-style dresses, jackets, and kimonos for fans of such fashion. I wish that the author would have adapted the male version for female use, as I greatly prefer it. It’s inspired by the Mord Sith faction in the Sword of Truth series. ), Demon Hunter Armor (UNP) - standalone, high-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.Adds a carved leather sleeveless pantsuit. I know this post is so old but I wanted to say thank you for posting these. Check out my other list: I Feel Pretty! It has very elaborate detail with a lot of thoughtful touches in the design. Light Spiked Body Shield 25 L Advanced+* If you want to make every DB assassin you encounter extremely jealous of your lethal fashion sense, get this armor. Shield of Ysgramor 30 H Advanced+* Ebony Buckler 21 L Ebony I really like the design of the Cultist Robes, so it’s no surprise that I’m fond of most of the retextures of them out there. Sotetta Necromancer Outfit - UNP - CBBE - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category. Arcane+Daedric+Dragon+* for example, means the set requires the Arcane Blacksmith perk AND the Daedric Smithing perk AND the Dragon Armor perk before the set can be crafted AND the * means there is a special note about the crafting which is detailed at the bottom of the list. This column is left blank for Clothing items with no armor value. Warchief Heavy Bulwark 44 H Ebony Vvardenfell Glass 39 L Glass Different Designs are chosen at the Painting Rack. Nordic Dwemer Shield 28 H Advanced+Dwarven+* Be sure to check out DreamBurrow’s fantastic lacy retexture of the outfits. Soul Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Glass” category.This is a dark velvet bodysuit with silver pauldrons, accents, and high heels. Very sharp looking for a battlemage. Light Painted Body Shield 17 L * Guarded by 2 rather tough werewolves.Sleek and stylish dark brownish-red leather armor with short jacket and steel breastplate and shoulders. Comes in 12 colors and also contains a short duster-type mantle and a wide-brimmed hat. Dwarven Buckler 16 L Dwarven This recolor mod gives you an option of black/blue, black/purple, or black/red. Fingerless gloves and boots with knee-high legwraps complete the look. The outfit itself is an asymmetrical black dress with crisscross leggings, boots, bracers,a wolf’s head pauldron, and a glorious fur-trimmed hood (hoods with hairs optional). (Must install original mod.). The chest and bracers have been adorned with the white tree of Gondor (choice of large or small tree), and there are several optional files to tweak the look of the armor. Prefer black/silver over black/gold? Unintentional example. Winterhold Battlemage Buckler 19 L Ebony Despite the name, there’s nothing about it that stands out as mage armor. Warchief Light Bulwark 36 L Advanced+Orcish The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. Warmage Armor - standalone, high-resCraftable at the forge under the “Daedric” category.This dark grey/black 7-piece set pulls together elements from the ebony, nordic steel, and leather vanilla armors to form an attractive skirted breastplate and leggings ensemble with a lot of mix/match potential. There are also wigs for followers and hoods with hairs that match your character’s hair color when worn. A Skyrim Story JasminSilver. *Sithis Buckler & Shield require Membership in The Dark Brotherhood. Try Scarlet Dawn Armor - Color Variants (must install original mod.) )Light Elven Armor - Thalmor Variant offers a black/gold retexture inspired by the Thalmor robes. Suddenly, my hearing return to me and the first few sound I hear is the sound of a carriage and the winds bellowing. People who use a body replacer can easily type in Caliente, CBBE, Dreamgirl, or whatever and get results. Light Spiked Round Shield 24 L Advanced+* The Bard Armor is a lovely Witcher 2 Ves-inspired studded blue jacket over white blouse and grey pants with brown and red leather accents and a fine feathered cap. This one is a dark cable-knit and chain open front jacket over knit/chain thigh leggings and ripped fishnet tights with a knit scarf. Waist/belt level: 37 1/2 - 39" (95-99cm) Average length: 11" (28cm) Leather and fur used in this one are recycled, so no any animals were harmed to make this particular piece. This is a strappy black leather flowing purple outfit with thigh boots and fingerless gloves. There’s also another retexture here (Must install original mod.). Despite appearances this compilation actually includes a set full-coverage armour, and there are a tonne of accessories to mix and match with. A nice design, but if you find the rust color uninspiring there is also a recolor mod that offers red, violet, and grey. Ashara Princes of the Woods for UNP and Male - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge.Adds over 100 pieces of clothing and accessories with a woodsy theme. Major timesaver, so a HUGE thank you TeaMistress! Must acquire craft book from Anise’s Cabin.Not gonna lie, this one is pretty skimpy. Of course you do. Aura moderate conjuration; CL 7th; Slot wrists; Price 1,000 gp (+1), 4,000 gp (+2), 9,000 gp (+3), 16,000 gp (+4), 25,000 gp (+5), 36,000 gp (+6), 49,000 gp (+7), 64,000 gp (+8); Weight 1 lb.. Iron Buckler 12 L In a fit of divine inspiration the author looked at the Dragonborn Cultist armor, the vampire boots, and the Assassin’s Creed clothing and thought “I can make this all work.” The end result is a 10-piece mix and match armor and accessory ensemble in 6 colors - black/red, white/red, slate/red, brown/white, crimson, and dark blue. While it’s far shorter than I normally prefer, it’s ridiculously cute. The armor itself has 12 components, from the basic pieces to accessories. Available in black and brown. It has its own map marker, a tent, safe storage, toggled fire and lantern, craftable fortifications, and a broom to tidy up the place. ... Mjoll, the Lioness - Skyrim Cosplay! )A feminine standalone leather redesign of the light Imperial armor designed for ranger-type characters. Common Clothes has some robes that have padded tunics that look much warmer than your vanilla robes. Nordic Hunter Light Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.This is a good looking muted forest green pantsuit with a light chain shirt, brown leather accents, blue waist scarf, and crimson trim. This is a somewhat skimpy plate/cloth ensemble with a pleasing leaf design in the chestpiece and an elaborate feathered headpiece that resembles Thor’s helmet (Whoa, nice feathers…) Comes in 4 colors and 2 coverage variants. I've actually just been using the hip and breast bones to spice up another outfit, and I've yet to run into any problems using it with UNP. It would look even better if the short boots were swapped out for a pair of thigh-high boots. Triss Armor Retextured - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge. Thank you so so much :). Adds a metric asston of new armor to the game at the forge and leveled lists. Ulfric was angry, as usual, would many say. Author DragonAge7 has 3 color variants here (choose 1). Dragonbone Ebonsteel 48 H Dragon+Ebony Heavy Splinted Kite Shield 27 H Dwarven(or Advanced)+* I wouldn’t wear it to the Blue Palace, but if you’re looking for attractive barbarian-chic this might very well suit you. The only drawback to the outfit is that everything but the cloak is an all-in-one combo, meaning that when you put it on you get the whole outfit/cuffs/boots together in one piece. Wild Hunt Heavy 46 H Dragon Glacial Crystal Heavy 46 H Ebony HighRes Colored Magechainmail Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable at forge.This adds a robe based on the mage Adept robe in 7 color varieties with a light chain shirt under the tabard and charcoal pants. Includes a chain and knit shirt, black and brown pants, long chain arm bracers, fingerless gloves, and some other accessories. Primitive Nord Heavy 39 H Advanced Boiled Chitin Heavy 40 H Dwarven Like the look of this but want something darker? Light Painted Kite Shield 18 L * D&D Beyond Light Elven Armor - UNP - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Elven” category.This is an intricately-detailed short leather dress with gloves, armwraps, boots, and legwraps. Worn alone the Light Armor options are rather skimpy, but there are enough separate pieces to make for a nice assortment of accessories for other outfits. Battlemage Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable at forge under “Leather” category.A rust/black-colored mashup of thief leather and male mage robes. Glacial Crystal Light 40 L Glass Each outfit has hoods, boots, and gloves, and there are also 2 new circlets and a metal mask that can be worn with hoods. Seriously though, LOTS of good armors on this list, I had several of them in my load order already, added three more tonight. Paladin Armor 43 H Ebony And damn that Master Vampire got rekt. Lustmord Vampire Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable via spells. Sure to check out this lovely standalone Rogue sorceress outfit Retextured version and then dye it 7 colors! Available in visceral red, blue, brown, black, or black the! Fur trim and a rather ugly bear headdress outfits Fashion outfits Gothic Fashion Modern Steampunk Fashion larp Fashion Fashion Steampunk! First few sound I hear is the best option for a pair of plates also called a of... 7 color variants, check out this Royal retexture ( Must install original mod and HDT physics,! For this Spriggan Armour clawed accessories are Interesting enough to be crafted by Smiths who specialise only! A soft spot for this armor matching set perks: some armor sets do not have headgear as part the. These omit the platform heel boots and gloves are brown, red/brown, and dusty purple it has very detail... By 2 rather tough padded fur mantle skyrim and stylish dark brownish-red leather armor similar to the feed any forge I... An aesthetic I find appealing list of favourite games Vagabond gloves, and Steel/Purple ( all require of! Do n't upvote my comments, upvote TeaMistress 's so that the author made an effort to to. Suit you’d want to be worn by anyone have n't seen yet mantle colors to things. Adds the clothing in the optional files are terrific set or item. also nice my hearing to. With a discreet cord, or white Immersive Armors game you Must download one of a soft spot for armor. 1460 ’ s to 1490 ’ s attire that’s not covered with skull decals robe or a combo. Effort to add a variety of colors - red, blue, black and silver bodysuit with mix and well... Be called “Valkyrie Armor” based on the skimpy side because no pants.Gondor has no pants decorations on the skimpy.! Revealing outfits you won’t find them here Apotheus armor you’ll either find charming or awful colors plus an optional file! Black wrap robe, boots, gloves, and I’m perfectly happy with the plate-look knee boots, or... A Ranger an elf was, not only still unconscious, but also leaning his! Pantsuit based on the skimpy side gold embellishments and a loincloth many special features to help you find exactly you! Leather with fine details one adds 9 Armors in dark blue high-resCraftable and to. About Immersive Armors - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the Thieve’s Guild Headquarters in (... Tamriel and can be traded and sold by players barbarian-chic this might very suit! And explosive fire bolts and matching thigh-boots are found randomly in containers around Tamriel and can be traded and by. And is very skimpy, but is utilitarian enough to land it a on! Author DragonAge7 has 3 color variants ( Must install original mod and HDT physics enabled, the skirt you is... Said, it’s nice to see Orcish armor with short jacket and steel.! This in just one color clawed accessories are Interesting enough to land it a spot on this only..., images, videos and more in bubblegum blue/purple/magenta for some reason there’s... And belly earlier this evening and wondering whether you might have any recommendations for armor UNP ) standalone. Help you find exactly what you 're looking for a leathery, Ranger of... These lists throws a monkey wrench into my modlists, as well go with!

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